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Cricket and LARP

So this is kinda a crazy weekend.

Battersea Badgers end-of-season game. We won, I took a decent slip catch, and i'm pretty happy.

However, I bugger out of the festivities early to crash out and prepare my broken body for a CUTT Weapons Practice.

Now I'm really looking forward to heading up, seeing people and just damn well enjoying myself with fake weaponry, but it bugs me I had to leave early and retain my sobriety on such a brilliant occasion.

Now I'm not one to put social conditioning over my own requirments, but there are occasions when you wish you could give in, throw your life in with these cricketers and the rest be damned. I'm sure most of my 'friends' on LJ will have done this exact same thing for LARP, and this is essentially what you do if you want to get the most out of LARP.

However, doing it for something this is NOT larp is probably a novel experience for any readers (not me) and I hope that I am proof it is possible to have your cake and eat it :) (on occasions!)

However, my cricket nickname is 'Merlin'. :D :D 
Tags: cricket, larp
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